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2 he ocean is great for so many reasons, but sometimes you just want a pool of pristine water brought to your ideal temperature. Consider the following types of pools when creating your own backyard oasis. Natural pools offer a nod to nature’s own creations, and can blend with the surroundings or stand out as a whimsical lagoon where mermaids could be lounging. They are established with a freeform shape that could be meant to mimic a specific body of water, or simply to have a more fluid space. Materials such as stone or simulated rock are used to border or create caves, grottos, and tanning or diving ledges. One of the most stunning accessories for a natural pool is a water feature. This could be a fountain, waterfall, smaller pool for show, or even a water slide. For waterfalls, position rocks appropriately to create a spillway from an elevated pool or spa into a lower pool. On the other end of the style spectrum is an architectural pool. The most popular, stunning, and streamlined version is the infinity pool. Otherwise known as a negative edge, Featured Properties Flip through the pages in this issue to find these featured pools and more. 60