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28 Written by Maresa Giovannini S ustainability is no longer just a buzzword—it is the reality. Equipping your home with materials and systems to support sustainability for the long run is a true luxury. Whether you are a committed environmentalist, a regular recycler, or simply want to lower your electric bill, every bit of action helps to create a sustainable society. With evolving technology and new comprehension of our existing practices and products, it can be challenging to keep up. If you are looking for a place to start, don’t for- get the timeless motto: reduce, reuse, recycle. en, consider using products and materials that last longer and create less waste from the beginning. Simply put, those contributions that make a substantial impact should be sustainable. e easiest way to make sustainable structures for the future is to start from the beginning and create lasting, e cient homes and commercial buildings. e U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmen- tal Design) program is still a measurable tool for sustainable building. Builders, archi- tects, and other industry professionals undergo extensive and rigorous training to obtain their LEED® certi cations. When a professional is certi ed you can guarantee that he or she fully understands the thinking behind the organization and the regulations that it enforces. ere are varying degrees of LEED® certi cation both for the professionals and the buildings. All aspects of the design and building process for a sustainable luxury home should be considered. Explore low-maintenance landscaping, low-emission tempered glass, photovol- Simply Sustainable Written by Maresa Giovannini Life on Lanai at Hulopoe Bay by Gregory L Sturm (this photo & above) page 25 Spectacular Views by Jeffrey M. Fox page 36