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T I M B E R S K A U A I . C O M | 8 0 8 . 7 2 0 . 6 6 7 7 A W A K E N T O A L O H A OCEANFRONT TOWNHOMES ON THE GARDEN ISLE This does not constitute an offer to sell nor the solicitation of an offer to purchase made in any jurisdiction nor made to residents of any jurisdiction, including New York, where registration is required. Tower Kauai Lagoons LLC uses the Timbers Resort, ® Timbers Collection ® and certain other Timbers brand names under a limited non-transferable license in connection with the sales and marketing of the Hōkūala Kauai™ – A Timbers Resort ® (the “Project”). If this license is terminated or expires without renewal, the Project will no longer be identified with nor have any right to use the Timbers ® marks and names. Artistic Renderings depicted in this advertisement are subject to change. All rights reserved.